Agency Production of Events in USA and Miami, New York, BTL Agency - GPS Marketing.


Our Services

Social Events

We organize social parties, city events and high class business meetings.

Corporate Events

The most important thing is creating a positive image to your audience. We take care of everything and provide you with the most modern and fluent experience in digital as well as in traditional marketing.

City Events

Year after year we innovate with different events across the cities of Colombia, we offer excellent profesional experience.

Equipment Rental

We got the infrastructure in the rental of different kind of equipment such as: sound, lighting, scaffold and many more.

Stand Rental

Renting and selling of equipment for your events.

Live Shows

Organize, coordinate, planning and execution is our designated order to make a concert, with the purpose of maintaining the work group organized.

Experience Marketing

Creating experiences between the brand and the consumer is our prime objective, captivate through unique and unrepeatable moments.


We create, organize, produce and sell concerts, with a solid organizational background.

Event Production Agency in USA and Miami, New York, BTL Agency.

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