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Marketing automation agency in USA – New York and Miami

Marketing automation allows certain marketing actions to be executed in an automated way, maximizing eficiency in the execution and tracking of specific processes aswell as the attainment of results.

There are two types of marketing automation that can be elaborated with a marketing automation agency:

Lead Marketing Automation

Loyalty Marketing Automation

The implementation of a marketing automation strategy could be the solution to companies experiencing the following problems:

1.Increment the conversion rate of a high traffic website


Capitalize the traffic in the form of sales or database.


Elaborate a structured proyect with the purpose of translating a substantial amount of traffic in registries by using a marketing automation strategy.


The context in which a lead marketing automation has relevance is in a complete inbound marketing proyect. The main benefit of implementing this strategy is when the company starts building a database of new registries using a complete inbound structure.

A company with a popular stablished brand and a high traffic website has the possibility to do the following:

These actions enhance the engagement of the company, enabling the establishment of an important conversion channel with the users of the database.

2. Lack of database exploitment


Exploitment of the actual database to generate sales or new contracts.


Start a loyalty marketing automation allowing the nurturing of the database with new and old clients.


Group the different databases of clients by affinities according the product preference, the shopping history allows  the creation of marketing campaigns with specific and personalized content.

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